About National Property Group

About National Property Group

National Property Group creates opportunites for Private Money Lenders to earn returns backed by Real Estate.  We look to acquire Single Family, Multi Family & Apartment properties that meet our criteria.

We focus on specific types of properties due to their location, and availability of discounted properties. We put our efforts toward acquiring and managing these types of properties so our investors earn passive returns.

About Kevin Snow


Kevin is a founding member of National Property Group where he actively acquires and manages portfolios of high-performing real estate assets.

Kevin is also an experienced contractor owning a highly-rated painting company in Central New Jersey.

As a contractor, Kevin saw first hand how to properly buy and manage real estate projects while being a preferred contractor for some of the country’s largest real estate developers.

About Garrett Nann


Garrett is a founding member of the National Property Group and actively markets to acquire properties at deep discounts.

Garrett is the Co-owner of a highly rated marketing company that services contractors throughout the country.

After working to grow the business of several Real Estate Developers, Garrett started working on acquiring similar properties at deep discounts.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin and Garrett to acquire and renovate multiple projects in North Alabama.  They are very thorough in selecting properties and their renovations are always top notch.  

With over 25 years of experience in Real Estate, I can say that they are of the highest integrity in their dealing with not only me as a Broker but with all the vendors they work with.”

Howard Wright, Broker

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