National Property Group

works with investors who participate in Private Money Lending to earn returns backed by multi-family, single-family, and apartment investment properties.


$8 million in asset value


Units Owned


Current markets we invest in

How It Works

Step 1:

Be the bank and lend on a real estate project

Step 2:

NPG finds a value-add property to purchase , renovate, and rent or resell

Step 3:

Property is sold to a family or refinanced with the bank as a rental property

Step 4:

Private Money Lender Funds are distributed at closing

About National Property Group

We started our business to buy, renovate, sell and rent homes in strong housing and job markets in the United States, while delivering dependable cash flow and profits for the company and our private lenders.

Millions of homes have been left vacant or under-maintained by owners and landlords. We work to find them and turn them into high quality housing for affordable rents. 

Our Opportunity

The opportunity to fulfill our goals lies in the availability of a large amount of heavily discounted distressed real estate – combined with a vast amount of qualified renters looking for a nice, clean, well-maintained place to live.

By acquiring distressed properties and renovating them to a high standard, we improve the home, the street, and the neighborhood while securing well qualified tenants. 

Your Opportunity

Being the bank is a way to capture passive income from Real Estate. Private lending investments capture truly passive and dependable returns, with NO tenants, management, repairs or property taxes, and with your funds secured against a physical property.

Our Investor Portal

When you invest with National Property Group, you can create an account to track the interest earned as well as have one workspace where all your documents are located.

A simple & straightforward way to see the money you are earning with an investment with National Property Group


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